June 23rd, 2009


Hi, my name is Andrew Fu.  I quit my beloved software engineering job in February and sold all of my possessions to live my dream of driving across the country.  Sounds crazy?  I am on a mission to discover the American frontiers by exploring the diverse cultures and and environments offered in all 48 continental states.  For the next four to five months, instead of living in hotels, I will deliberately choose to live out of my car and have no idea of where to shower or what to eat, not for the sake of saving money, but to understand and front the essential facts of life.  I will live one day at a time.  The road into the sunrise is unending and I look forward to the surprises that await me.


I was inspired by others who cut back the clutter in their lives and lived by the basic necessities.  This trip will show that extravagance is not needed to have fun and that the best things in life are free.  In addition, I am intrigued by different people and cultures.  The stark contrast to my own life is enough to push me to explore the open road.  Driving around the country will allow me to be able to interact with different demographics so that I can truly understand other lifestyles.  I will become a musician.  I will become homeless.  I will become a super salesman, all in the effort to understand the subgroup of people I am dealing with.  It is the only way I will be able to truly understand their way of life?

One motto I try to live by is ‘Carpe Diem’.  I want to make sure I have no regrets in life, and the only way I know how to do this is to live all my dreams.


I will be updating my blog once or twice a week.  You can track me live via the “Where I’ve Been” tab.  I have taken great lengths to build that page because I know that not everyone is blessed with the opportunity I have to be able to get up and leave.  The blog entries I make will be about what I have experienced on the road and will cover a variety of topics from philosophy, to music, to society.  All of them will be tailored to make you think and imagine beyond your comfort zone.  I hope that it will provoke thoughtful discussion.  I envision that my journey and stories will inspire others to go pursue their own dreams.  Everyone has their own comfort levels, but the only way to improve is to break out of that bubble.  Life is too short to live unsatisfied.

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