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Light the Night Walk

April 18th, 2009

Upon arriving in Little Rock, AR, I passed by Light the Night Walk, an event hosted by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to raise money for cancer research, education, and patient services.  Walking past this must have been ordained, because I immediately canceled plans to hear a spoken word poetry reading, and, with less than two hours before the event, decided to walk the streets and start fundraising with the first stranger I met.  It was very ephemeral.  Within the hour, I was miraculously fully funded, with an overflow of cash.  And though it was for a good cause, I loved the frisson of soliciting money from strangers, never knowing if my attempts for support were feckless.  This must be how a salesman feels, always on his toes, adjusting his tactics according to body language, in the attempt to establish rapport with the potential client to seal the deal.

Amidst the fundraising, I came across many who retorted the same exact excuse: I’m sorry, but I have no cash on hand.  I daresay that the majority of these were blatant lies, perhaps out of fear that I was a con man.  I am gathering public opinion on whether or not one would do the same thing in this scenario.  The poll is completely anonymous.  Please answer honestly.

Would you tell a solicitor that you no cash on hand when you actually do?

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